Garden Maintenance

We work professionally and efficiently to keep your garden and landscape healthy and beautiful.  Our organic maintenance program consists of trimming the lawn, pruning plants and lower branches on large trees, weed control, leaf and debris cleanup (including fall leaf removal) and use of organic pesticides and fungicides when needed.  Our service also includes organically fertilizing the lawn and garden in the spring and fall.

In addition to providing an ongoing service to both business and residential clients, we also provide one-time clean-up and yard maintenance services.

Seasonal Organic Fertilizing
We use organic fish and seaweed emulsion, compost tea, and poultry manure for your lawn and garden.  We use the best horticultural microbes to give nutrients to the soil.  Good healthy microbial activity in the soil makes your roots happy.  And healthy and happy roots make healthy plants.

Irrigation control setting and minor repair
We set your control to efficiently and properly water based on temperature and the City of Austin’s watering guidelines.

Minor Tree Trimming
We can perform proper pruning and trimming of lower tree branches in order to shape and define canopies.

We do mulching of trees and garden areas to properly retain moisture and insulate roots against hard weather conditions.

Garden Maintenance Images