Landscape Design/Build

We’ll work with you to meet your design and installation needs, whatever they may be.  We specialize in sustainable low-water designs.  We also specialize in creating modern, structured, and organic designs.

Plant Installation
We install trees, shrubs, natives, cacti, succulents, tropicals, palms, shade plants, citrus trees.  Based on your lighting, preferences, and water usage needs, we’ll install a stunning combination.

Ponds and Water Features
From small table-top water features to large above-ground concrete or in-ground ponds, we do it all.

Concrete and Stone Work
We build concrete and stone patios, walkways, and pavers.  We create stained concrete planters and patios. We install stone borders.

Metal Work
We can create welded steel, edging, retaining walls, terracing, and planters.

We work with stone, gravel, metal, and concrete.

French Drains
Using catch basins, flexible tubing, gravel, and rock, we can excavate and redirect standing water into flower beds and away from the house.

Sod Installation
We do full installation, typically of Zoysia, Buffalo Grass, Saint Augustine, or Bermuda.

Landscape Design/Build Images