Fertilizer & Compost

The best way to give your plants a long and happy life is to feed them! Compost is easy to mix into the soil as you’re planting and we offer Turkey, mushroom, and cotton burr in different sizes.   We also make our own compost tea full of micro-organisms which we sell by the gallon.  It’s what we use every day on our plants and it helps to prevent disease while encouraging growth.  We also carry fertilizers in granulated and liquid concentrate forms, such as Liquid Fish & Seaweed, Bat Guano, Worm Castings, Biozome, and Green Sand (great for lawns)!

We pride ourselves on being an organic nursery, accordingly we sell many natural pesticides including neem, orange oil, insect soap, sulphur, and diatomaceous earth.  We’ve also cultivated a green lace-wing population on the property to eat all the problem bugs we encounter so we rarely have to spray.

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